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Monday, August 6, 2012


We will use Schoology this semester, some of you may recall using it last school year. Click on link below. Click login, click student then copy your BLOCK access code (below) and paste to gain access.

THERE'S an APP for this, upload to your SMART PHONES *search schoology

Use your Block Access Code to be added to your Schoology course.

Block - 1: 7TKRJ-WNTMC

Block - 2: XWMSR-4THFH

Block - 3: FVGBG-SX4R3

Block - 4: RT5VB-9HD7F

EagleTV Club/SkillsUSA:  

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Welcome to South Cobb High School TV Broadcast Video Production class. I look forward to working with you this school year.


CPR’s: Classroom Expectations:

Communication: Consult instructor and/or peers

Considerate: Respectful to yourself, peers and instructor

Preparation: Bring materials all the time

Professional: Language and respect of creativity

Responsible: Be on time

Ready to Learn: Participate in all activities

Laboratory Procedures:

Laboratory Procedures:

REPORT all accidents no matter how minor to Instructor immediately

REPORT all problems with equipment to Instructor immediately

PROFESSIONAL atmosphere will exist in the Lab (Horse-Play will NOT be tolerated)

RETURN all equipment and supplies to proper storage areas

RESPECT the creativity of others

OPERATE equipment ONLY upon Instructor approval

DISPOSE of ALL Food and Drink before entering Lab